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Kerr Drug and Wheels4Hope

Hundreds of families in our community are facing hard times. Some are getting support from great agencies like StepUp, Raleigh Rescue Mission, and Habitat for Humanity, but without reliable transportation, they will struggle to find work, stay employed, go to school and care for their children.

That’s where Wheels4Hope steps in. By referral through our partners like Kerr Drug, Wheels4Hope can provide affordable, reliable transportation to these families.

Kerr Drug has generously provided a $7,500 grant to Wheels4Hope in 2011. These funds are being used to repair vehicles donated to Wheels4Hope and place them back into the community by referral through partner agencies.

Kerr Drug also donated 3 minivans to Wheels4Hope in the spring of 2011. These company vans were all high mileage, but each were well maintained and in good condition. All three had minor repairs done to them by Wheels4Hope and were placed with families in the community by referral through partner agencies.  In February of 2013, a Dodge Caravan donated by Kerr Drug  went to a woman who works as a monitor with special needs children.

“Without reliable, affordable transportation, families will struggle to find work, stay employed, go to school and care for their children.  All of those factors affect a family’s health and as a community pharmacy, Kerr Drug wants to do whatever it can to improve the health of the people in our community.  Kerr Drug is honored to be present and partner with Wheels4Hope to experience the wonderful work being done.  The program goes beyond the actual car providing families with hope for the future of a successful life,” stated Anthony "Tony" Civello, President and CEO of Kerr Drug.

Wheels4Hope 31 Car Holiday Drive

During the 2012 holiday season, Wheels4Hope had a 31 Car Holiday Drive.  On day 22, Kerr Drug attended a car blessing for Wade and was recognized for their support of Wheels4Hope.  Wade has 3 children and 1 grandchild and hasn't had a vehicle for 12 years.  "This moment means everything to me.  I was not expecting so many people to be here to see me get my car.  Wow. I will not have to miss another one of my granddaughter's performances because of not having transportation.  Thank you."

Reasons to Donate Your Car to Wheels4Hope

Recycle your car back into our community and give it a new life by providing affordable transportation to low-wage earners in our community. Wheels4Hope places cars through partnerships with: Habitat for Humanity, StepUP Ministry, Red Cross, InterAct, Raleigh Rescue Mission and 10 other great organizations.

Get the best tax advantage. Most charities soliciting car donations do not use those vehicles in carrying out their mission. They take donated cars and sell them (usually through a third party at auction) and use the proceeds to fund their organization. The actual sale price of the donated car is reported back to the donor as the value of the tax deduction for IRS purposes. With Wheels4Hope, if your donated car is placed as a program car, you can claim the full retail value of the vehicle as a tax deduction. This can mean a deduction worth hundreds or even thousands more than if you were to donate your vehicle to another program. If not, where possible, we repair your car and sell it on our retail lot (generating the best value for your tax deduction) and use 100% of the proceeds to support our program.

Wheels4Hope takes donated cars, repairs them using volunteers and places them back into our community to change lives. Donated cars (in any condition) can change lives. For additional information, go to or call 919-832-1941.

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